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from the courthouse coming up. >> david cote will be here in a few minutes. defense firms going full steam ahead. despite sequester cuts. we will get his comment on earnings. plus find out what led him to step down from j.p. morgan's board. he did that in the past week. >> let's check the market as we approach the final hour of trading. 15,514, last trade of the blue chip average. nasdaq in positive territory due it a handful of gainers as well as facebook. facebook up better than 20% right now. 25% earlier. s&p 500 looks like this. standard & poor's is fractionally negative. >> bob pisani, what is going on here? >> higher interest rates are hurting the stock market. can't say it more simply. interest rates up three days in a re. don't have more to say about it. orders are down 12%. horton below expectations. horton's conference calls, what everyone is talking about. causing an increase of cancellations. put up will full screen. first time buyer shop so they would notice the first time buyers got hurt. cancellations go from 20% to 25%. doesn't sound like a lot but it effects overall
's bored pushed back the shareholder vote for august 2nd. it was scheduled for tonight. >>> defense stocks in market focus tonight. despite the sequester and military wind down in afghanistan, defense firms are setting new highs. estimates thanks to better margins the and company raced the four-year forecast. shares touched a new all-time high before closing at 90.30, up 2%. boeing also hit a new high as the commercial plane revenue jumped 15%. profits up 15%, more than the expected and boeing raised it full year guidance. shares dropped after that high, down less than 1% to $106.95. >>> another new high more than two years for ford motor reporting a 15% jump on revenues on ford f-150 pickups. ford put polish on the full year outlook, as well. investors bought the news on volume as ford gained 2.5%. it closed at $17.37. ford, by the way, up more than 90% in a year. >>> the other way, caterpillar dragged down the dow as profits dropped 43%. jim chanos the noted short seller told a conference last week this cat may not have nine lives. >> we are short caterpillar ink. iconic american company
for the spending bill. stop terrorists. however despite it failing, the overall nearly $600 million defense spending bill did pass. >>> four f-16 fighter jets will not be heading to egypt yet. the pentagon is delaying it as the administration continues after they overthrew president morsi. >>> pope francis, today, meets the poor in rio de janeiro. police are expected to be out in force during this visit. 20% of rio's residents live there. the pope is said to have specifically asked to see one in person during this trip to brazil. >>> tropical storm dorey is the fourth named storm. forecasters are keeping a close watch on it. indra petersons is one of the forecasters. what is the storm headed our way? >> good morning. it's interesting because it's early in the season. there are a lot of things to inhibit its growth. it's a strong, tropical storm. it is trying so hard to hold together. winds moving at 16 miles per hour. it's moving quickly to the west/northwest at 17 miles per hour. let's talk about what is ahead of it in its path. all of this dry air. we are watching all of this. anything up
. raytheon with 164 beating 1.30, and they raise the forecast and sequestration is -- >> defense, defense. northrup grumman is much better, and look at the gold standards, and northrup grumman is upgraded by merrill lynch and people were behind in the move. mcnerney said in the call that we are beginning to see the sequestration, and u.s. air talking about how sequestration hurt the airline industry, but the defense contractors and everybody was short and believed it was a laid up short, and it w wasn't. >> maybe not for now. but everybody has to believe. >> eventually. >> the defense budget over time will not rise as much as it has, and in fact, maybe go down. >> well, the government, and well telegraphed that a lot of the guys took out costs and you could see still some mergers and remember that the allies are coming, and the people who were not defending are buying stock. i know you want to be the world wide policeman. >> no, the cost of the joint strike fighter and for per plane. >> each one worth a gilead. >> yes, close to it. not quite $91 billion, but not far from it. >> and they a
for the george zimmerman defense team. great to see both of you on the show. and natalie, let me start with you. she said she owes the martin family an apology. i want to get your response to what she said. >> it is hard for me to sleep. hard for me to eat. i feel that i was forcefully included in trayvon martin's death. and i carry him on my back, i'm hurting as much as trayvon martin's mom is. there's no way that any mother should feel that pain. >> what's your reaction? >> well, my reaction is that i feel for her. i do. and i know that she issued an apology to sybrina fulton and i think that's between her and sybrina to talk about, really. i have not spoken to sybrina about that. but you know, it's her decision and she has to live with that. >> barbara, let me tell you what we know that this juror. i want to emphasize, she did choose to show her face but she is going by mady, not giving her full name. she is worried about possible retribution. we know she is 36 years old. she describes herself as puerto rican. she has only been in florida five months. lived previously in chicago. she has eig
good defense to a failure to supervise case. then the feds come in on the other side they do a manuever now if steven cohen provide evidence and testimony in his defense in the sec case in washington, that will be used against him in the federal prosecution in new york. sac is surrounded right now and i don't think steven cohen is completely out of the woods in terms of an indictment. i think he has a problem. david: harvey, we may have to cut our conversation short. your cell phone is going in and out. if you can hear us we'll go on. but has there ever been a case. the sec is charging steve cohen and we may have criminal indictments to this charge, wasn't as conscious, not accusing him of insider trading but saying he should have been aware his traders were doing insider trading. has that kind of charge ever stuck? >> yes, they have brought similar types of cases but their case against cohen as i read it is much stronger than, than that. what they have said was, he was in the middle of e-mail chains that alerted them to the problematic nature of trading and i also think when you look a
as well as the defense team. what was perhaps getting a head line is the amount of discovery, the evidence the government has at this point as it is building its case for trial and discussion of wiretaps. wiretaps were crucial in the conviction of raj rajaratnam from galion and the insider-trading case. in this case wiretaps, no mention of richard lee, vaughn man who is cooperating with the government, who came from another hedge fund, quoted in the indictment as being part of an insider-trading circle, the hedge fund from which he came, denied there is an insider trading circle at their office but the bottom line is we are in the beginning of building the case and the government has to put up or for lack of a better term shut up and what they put up will include those wiretaps. we did get a quick chance to ambush the attorneys as they came out to see if they would explain why stephen cohen has not been charged, how he feels about that, the spirits of the people at sac because that is a term that will be doing business civitan with a lot of people withdrawing money. >> are the spirits of t
an eye-popping defense this week to get this case dismissed. i want to you read this quote. the government wanted a winner and all the publicity, exposure and acclaim that goes along with being his sponsor. it got what it bargained for. >> the will to win, working harder, being more successful. folks who are narcissistic feel they can get away with it and then it becomes not getting caught, not the act of cheating. >> it's the summer of lies. every newspaper, the front page, every blog is about how we've been lied to, who is cheating, who is being punished, who is trying to dodge punishment. even on wall street, we're talking about sec charges, we're talking about fines for hal burton. we're talking about all kinds of different things. i'm speechless. >> your brain is hurting from all the lying. >> the good news is they're getting caught, right? and there is moral outrage about it and we're having this conversation. this isn't okay, this isn't how we play. we play fair, we have laws, we have rules and we're enforcing them because it matters. >> let's be completely honest. a
and jewelry mart. the defense lashed out at prosecutors, and one victim's family could not contain their anguish. >> reporter: raw pain, and anger from the family of 51- year-old lina lim. >> i want my sister back. >> why they kill her like that? he's still living. >> reporter: lim and khin min were shot and stabbed to death. lim's family came to court today for the second appearance of barry white. he killed them and injured the store owner over a dispute over a piece of jewelry. he's charged in the murder, and attempted murders of the store owner and six police officers. >> he should have the courage to face the families like us. >> reporter: white's only word in court was an agreement to put off a plea until next week. >> they want to conduct their own investigation as to what happened on july 12. part of that will certainly be an examination into this young man's health. >> reporter: white is due back in court next wednesday to enter a plea. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> a san francisco socialite has been found dead in an apartment in the small to
this month inside a store at the san francisco gift center and jewelry mart. the defense lashed out at prosecutors, and one victim's family could not contain their anguish. >> reporter: raw pain, and anger from the family of 51- year-old lina lim. >> i want my sister back. >> why they kill her like that? he's still living. >> reporter: lim and khin min were shot and stabbed to death. lim's family came to court today for the second appearance of barry white. he killed them and injured the store owner over a dispute over a piece of jewelry. he's charged in the murder, and attempted murders of the store owner and six police officers. >> he should have the courage to face the families like us. >> reporter: white's only word in court was an agreement to put off a plea until next week. >> they want to conduct their own investigation as to what happened on july 12. part of that will certainly be an examination into this young man's health. >> reporter: white is due back in court next wednesday to enter a plea. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> a san francisco soc
-popping defense to get this case dismissed. i want you to read this quote. the government wanted a winner and all the publicity, exposure and acclaim that goes along with being his sponsor. it got exactly what it bargained for. >> this is the dark side of the american dream. that will to win. folks, if they are narcissists, feel like they can cut corners and get that competitive edge and rewarded it. then, the sin becomes getting caught, not the actual cheating. >> this is like a summer of lies. i'm telling you. it is the summer of lies. every newspaper, every blog, is how we have been lied to, who is being cheated who is trying to dodge punishment. in wall street, we are talking about sec charges, and fines for halliburton. we are talk about all kinds of different things. the good news is -- i'm speechless. >> your brain is hurting from all the lying. >> the good news is, they are getting caught and there is moral outrage about it and we are having this conversation. this isn't okay? this isn't how we play. we play fair. we have laws and rules and we are enforcing them because it matters. >> let
's defense of her husband will help resurrect her political career. this morning the "new york times" and "new york daily news" are calling for weaner to withdraw. several other candidates say he's unfit for office. he's made it clear he plans to stay in the race. >> there's no question his competitors want him to drop out because he's beating all but one. we bring in anna navarro and mr. john avalon, both cnn contributors. beautiful to have you both, thank you for being here. i'll start with you, anna. here is the question. is this new and more or is this just more of the same? how do you think this plays politic politically? >> it's certainly new and more for voters in new york and people that watch it develop on tv. perception wise it's new and more and in politics what matters is perception. he has a recurrent problem. there's a huge difference between a one-time occurrence and recurrence going on after he had been caught. this tells you this guy has a problem. >> also you have another timing this looks politically expedient for somebody, mr. avalon, that it comes to the polls hi
but indicated i've been honest throughout this entire process. his main defense has just been sort of that we're all fixated on this date of resignation from congress but that wasn't actually important to him and his wife and their sort of internal process. >> bill: what's he been doing for the last couple of days, just out there campaigning faiz nothing happened? >> yeah. he's had a public schedule. he's done events. you know i'm sure he's eager to move back to policy. what's said when he initially took off in may was you know, okay, i'm going to answer some questions. but i want to focus on issues. but i think this time it is a little bit different in that sort of -- he answered some questions about the scandal. it dissipated. frankly, he's become a regular candidate. and now questions about why frankly on the timeline here. >> bill: what do you hear from people that you're talking to? people in the street. i saw one poll late yesterday that showed him still up a couple of points. what are the readings? >> well, you know, as far as the poll numbers go, we're not really going to have an indi
." and we're joined by juana summers who covers defense issues for politico pro. welcome back to the studio. >> thanks for having me back. >> bill: nice to see you. bradley manning, not guilty on the most serious charge. but guilty on what? 19 others? >> absolutely. he was found guilty on a variety of other lesser charges. while aiding the enemy does carry a life sentence that he will avoid, he could still in jail for as many as several hundred years depending on how the sentencing phase goes. that's expected to be a very lengthy process. >> bill: so that was news to me, by the way. i thought the judge today was just going to say okay, here's how much time you get, dude. but no. this is another whole trial, right? >> it is. it is a very long process. appeals by bradley manning and his lawyers could go on for years. one of those things that shows and underlies the different between military court-martial and the civilian system you and i are used to dealing with. >> bill: they'll bring in witnesses from both sides? >> that's the case. >> bill: they'll argue for 10 years or 20 years or no tim
ration with a variety of other aerospace and defense applications, and they have proprietary technology that's faster, more capable, and more accurate than anything out there so it's a crown jewel. liz: you made a lot of other acquisitions, geomagic, coweb, and then rptg. avi, let me just say that for viewers who don't know, you're in personal, professional, and production printer. you have enterprise and regular folks who want to buy these things. sch area shows the most promise? some analysts are concerned you go more with the software or the individual sales, and that, of course, has lower margins, thinner margins. >> liz, we look at this as a platform play and equal systems play taking it all the way from design to manufacturing for professional companies and from creativity to actuul making for the hobbies, the consumer, the educator, and kids. we see two big opportunities in front of us. the first one is in eventacturig this technology into real factors, be it in early space, defense, automotive, seeing it going to completely reshape patients' specific medical device, and it's a b
but justice will be served. i know he's going to be found guilty. >> his defense attorney blamed killings on a mental breakdown. the family of the victims asked to see video but we're told it's just too graphic. the victims shot and stabbed to death. >> you may have seen that troubling video showing a
are not playing defense anymore. what happens to your bottom line if some of the numbers switch to positive in. >> our earnings will take off improving economy will have a dramatic impact on our company. manufacturing, from the industrial standpoint, it's struggling at this point and it has been since third quarter of last year and it continues to try to struggle to rebound, but that primary side of things is having an impact on us, and that is driven by the world market and everything else. >> one of the things that i happen to like, but there's a huge glut in alluminum, at this levels, there's a glut in steel, and there's a glut in anything that you need for raw stuff to build. your area seems to be much more important to commercial construction than i thought. >> there's a significant piece, we are a third industrial manufacturing, a third commercial and a third residential in an 11 state footprint and the key thing to consider though from a financial standpoint, the margins in the industrial sector for our business are significantly less than the commercial and residential margins, but it'
the secrets with the enemy. the defense claimed manning first set out to reveal abuses by the u.s. military in iraq. in a pretrial statement to the court, manning admitted he leaked this classified video of an apache helicopter attack in iraq that killed a number of insurgents and two innocent civilians and said he was troubled by the american crew joking about the killings. >> the most alarming aspect of the video to me, however, was seemingly delightful bloodlust that they appeared to have. for me, this seems similar to a child torturing ants with magnifying glasses." >> reporter: wikileaks owner julian assange says their owners will fight the conviction on the charges. >> it's a serious abuse, and it will mean the end of national security journalism in the united states as we know it. >> reporter: and legal experts predict manning's convictions will have a chilling effect on future leakers. >> the government is very, very serious about protecting the status of classified information, and people who disseminate it are playing with fire. >> all right. >> that was nbc's jim miklaszewski rep
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he should have to pay for his own defense and should be the one who pays for these damages because he is the one who is accused of the conduct. >> his lawyer had the audacity task for the city to pay for his expenses, basically they claim that the city never gave him sexual harassment training. in fact, the contention is that in the 20 years he served in congress that he never got sexual harassment training their either. so amazing about all of this in the ironic thing is that everybody from washington d.c. to san diego has known about this guy's behavior, been as cereal pervert, a jerk for years, and get a prop him up for mayor. they contributed to his campaign. they worked on his behalf to get him elected and now they're all shocked at this kind of behavior . >> when i was going to say, what they are finding is he is still standing firm in saying i will be the mayor. i am not stepping down or resigning. think that is part of the reason why over 60 percent of san diego's one amount. they just want him out and one recall. melissa: it is a serious issue that taxpayers could be liable f
: [ inaudible ] cites -- andrew sullivan wrote in defense of anthony weiner. and i see points on either side. weiner was caught deceiving the public again by claiming he stopped sexting while he compulsion clearly was not over. the "new york times" [ inaudible ] once a politician has deceives people he gets a second chance, when he deceives again -- he says the problem i suspect a lot of people have with anthony weiner is not that he had an affair but he is not marchly good at politics. part of pitching your politics is pitching your image. everybody was playing that clip where he originally lied and said his account was hacked and then this latest one, i can't say, six, ten -- >> i told you there would be more. >> stephanie: we've had this very public thing happen to us. i don't know how it happened. because you wouldn't stop sending pictures of your [ censor bleep ] to people.% it is not his desire to get off that of fepd -- offends, it's sending pictures of yourself on twitter. to do the same thing again to your wife is cruelty. i find the argument for same-sex mar
be for them. the army judge will spend weeks hearing from defense and prosecution witnesses. the government is expected to provide a classified assessment of the damage created by manning's disclosures. they are also expected to see the lawyer for bradley manning continue to portray his client as a patriot who followed his conscience. expressing gratitude to his legal team and supporters. our next caller in taylor, michigan, on the democrats line. hi, don. caller: hello. tank you for c-span. -- thank you for c-span. gave anom line is they oath to the constitution, nobody else. all he did was show e-mails. thousands of people are reading them. biden said something about them. the thing is, you have to think about our forefathers. weren't they all whistleblowers on the british government? they knew the wrongs of those british government, so that is why they wrote the constitution. give their oath to the constitution, not to an administration or a corporation. manning to me, they are heroes. bush, clinton, obama -- they all lied, they all said they were going to do one thing. look at the nsa,
against terrorism. the vote was 217-205. so it's close. against an amendment to the defense bill. opponents of the amendment said that the surveillance program is intended to keep america safe from terrorism. supporters say it's an invasion of privacy. >> rein in government invasion, no more dragnet operations. get a specific warrant based on probable cause or stay out of our lives! >> if it passed, the nsa would have been required to identify specific targets before collecting data. >>> the man who leaked information about the nsa surveillance program remains in a holding pattern inside this moscow airport today. edward snowden's lawyer said russian immigration authorities are still reviewing his request for asylum. the obama administration is again telling russia, snowden should be returned to the u.s. to face spying charges. >>> o.j. simpson will be back inside a courtroom today fighting for his freedom. he is looking to get out of a nevada prison where he has been serving time for kidnapping and armed robbery. he was convicted in 2008 for robbing two sports memorabilia deale
is that this particular line was drawn 200 years ago, actually in 1736 so you know, in their defense, back then the technology was not in a position to estimate exactly or to guess exactly where the line should be, and they have a let's call it a don't ask, don't tell policy if a tourist is not going to ask him, doesn't ask if that's the real line, they don't say anything but if the tourists ask and we knew that and we asked, they said they don't hide it. they say it's not exactly that and it's only about 200 meters away, 650 feet, so when you think about the size of the earth, it's not too bad. >> what do you work for the ecuadorian tourist authority? >> do they take pictures at the same spot? >> it's just a street. there's nothing there, although they have plans in the future to build a mile high they say tower that is going to be located precisely where the line should be. >> but do we believe them? it's those french, blame the french. >> they have gps now so. they should have no excuse. >> rafael -- see you can't say you're not informed on this show, can you? >> the real deal. >> exact
trend, and people talk about defense of cyclicals, we talk about domestics as a feature. >> i want to raise another point. a note today was put out, ridesing long-term interest rates and a steepening yield curve is bullish for markets. people are saying it will crush the recover. he is saying take a look at the history, rising rates are a good signal. >> i generally agree if it a good signal when you are talking about an economy that is gaining traction. we can look through it, through credit conditions, we can look at it in terms of hiring intentions, across the board. i will buy into that, that we will get the earnings. the question that we focused on was the evaluation component of it. will the higher rates hurt the pes in the market. >> we are at 15 times earnings. and if you use a treasury or a b-double b-double-a, you feel it's hurting the recovery. >> bull or bear? >> longer term bull right now, we are in a correction mode. >> you are a bear right now, how bearish are you? >> i have not shorted the market, so that tells you once i decide to short the market, then i'm fully b
into a defensive play and take out a twitter, possibly buy a zynga for the e-commerce, buy a netflix, a perfect match, and get into the content, they'll be able to grow. so what facebook needs to do now is he went into the ipo for the big dollaring, you have to make the big acquisitions. >> no, i think making a major acquisition, especially netflix, isn't it. it's a tenth the size of facebook. monetize instagram. >> back to julia boorstin. more news on the quarter. over to you, julia. >> yeah, malia, just digging in deeper on the operating margin. the company's non-gaap operating margin, excluding share-based compensation and related payroll tax expenses, that was 44% in the second quarter compared to 43% a year ago. now, wall street analysts had been on average expecting 37%. so the margin is coming in better than expected, and that does, obviously, relate back to the eps beat. so looking at that, and in terms of some of the commentary here, they talk a lot about who they're now 1 million active advertisers on facebook and how that's really driven by growth in local business, and the success o
through our defenses. that's why i believe what has happened, the damage to our country is significant and irreversible. what we're talking about is future terrorist attacks. >> and, of course general alexander took a little bit of a lighter note talking about the limits on e-mail collection even he said when it comes to his own daughters. >> i have four daughters. can i go and intercept their e-mails? no. >> can you? >> no, you may be able to. >> i had a chance to catch up with general alexander just after the conference and he told me that he wants edward snowden to come home to the united states from russia to face justice. tyler? >> thank you very much eamon javers reporting from las vegas for us. >> shares of sumantek surging today. the maker of the norton anti-virus software posting better than expected results as customers used more of its security products in the wake of a series of publicized hacking attacks. the stock is up about 40% just so far this year. sue? >> some headlines to tell you about, ty. we start with michael dell. he says he expects his
. >> growth. >> right. it's like the new york giants. you know? offense wins games but defense wins championships. i think the stock market is going to take care of itself. i still like growth. and i think when bob was talking about a broad-based rally and value investors, i think what's happening with value investors is they were a reluctant bond holders who went looking for dividends as well as a little growth, and they found that real quickly during this month as value went the other way. there's a little risk involved there. and so, i think you'll see a shift -- and that's why i like ivw. i like large-cap growth. it's the one part of the market that i think is still undervalued. but i would pay a lot of attention to my bond portfolio, because i think the bond market did not take the head fake today from the fed. the bond market said, you know what, i'm pricing these 10-year treasuries as if we already have tapering taking place, and they're holding firm on that. >> interesting. james, let me bring in james paulson. you still buying this market, james? >> well, maria, i've been s
. how they can be defensive. we have with us red tiger security at this conference in vegas this week. all right, jonathan. >> i'm classifying you guys at the good guys. your hacking operation, but you're the good guys, i've got that. i want you to tell our viewers, what is the scareiest hack that you see out there? >> okay. so, this is really interesting. i was walking by this little setup, and a lot of these crazy antennas sticking up out of this thing and there's a hacked cell phone tower that people brought into the convention to show you can hack into the cell phone network and a huge plasma screen and pictures people are sending each other and set up a man in the middle cell phone tower if you're not looking at your cell phone, it will jump on to the cell phone tower and they'll scrape everything you've doing with your phone, clone your phone and get the messages you're sending off your phone, it was pretty interesting. stuart: that's frightening. really is. but what about hacking into bank accounts or investment accounts? for a lot of our viewers, this is a financial program, t
tell you, they have a good defense. liz: you kind of glossed over when i ask you if you smoke into your -- spoken to people inside sac capital. is that a yes and, if so, what can you tell me? >> i can't really go too much into that, but what i can tell you is something that they had a feeling was coming. charlie will tell you that as well. people are not happy about it. liz: are they saying, it will be fine? don't worry? >> i make my own conclusions based upon my evidence. liz: are you going to cover your investors? >> i'm absolutely not. i have to make some calls this afternoon. liz: and you have been busy. ed butowsky. he is a -- look. innocent until proven guilty. we understand. please keep us posted. thank you so much. joining us live from dallas. plenty of market news. we are not ignoring that. facebook scoring big on advertising revenue this quarter boosting its stock. another company shares as well. let's get to nicole. >> reporter: today the story, facebook, you see the stock moving. the highest level since last year, the day after the ipo. $34, this huge steel. the biggest rall
defense seems now inappropriate. if he can't govern himself, how can he be expected to govern a city? my apologies. on the keystone pipeline, susan brewington says besides it being the worst idea for our planet, we, the u.s.a., will be taking all of the risks and be left with all of the toxic waste. once the tar sands get to texas, it will be refined then shipped to other countries and game over for the planet. it looks like president obama's going in that direction. [ ♪ theme ] >> bill: good morning, everybody. what do you say? good to see you this morning on a tuesday, tuesday july 30. it is the "full court press." and we are booming out to you live from our nation's capital. and our studio right here on capitol hill. just down the street from the united states capitol building where the congress and the senate are in town this week for one more week before they go off on their holiday. the whole month of august break. well, after his big lunch with hillary clinton yesterday and after welcoming the giants to the white house, president obama takes off today, back on the road to chatt
lindstrom and criminal defense attorney eric johnson. welcome. first to hear this young man's story, the five days and being forgotten. >> it's horrible. >> it's terrible. >> it's terrible. what do you think as far as do you ning he could have gotten more had there been a jury? has this thing gone to trial? >> i think he could have gotten a significant amount more money if the matter went to trial. i'm also wondering why he chose to settle so soon? >> what do you think about that? smart move? >> smart move by the department of justice, dea, everybody involved. if they had to go to trial they could put up witness after witness about his psychological state, physical state, what he would have had to go through in the 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, on and on and on. by the end the jury probably would have said, you just write a blank check. just ask us for how much you want. >> how do you put a price tag on this? how did they come up with this $1 million figure? just curious. >> i don't know how they came up with the amount. >> $4 million. forgive me. >> i imagine they probably looked a
is interesting if the company had not adopt ad poison pill defense to prevent company takeover they may have acquired more. this position has been kept under wrap for two months! back to you. lori: timing is everything, nicole. thank you. >>> call it christmas in july for economists and fed-watchers. we have a pair of better-than-expected economic reports ahead of the fed statement due at the top of the hour. will the data affect the fed's timeline on tapering? no one bettory ask than phillip swagel, professor at the university of the maryland and insider at the treasury department and federal reserve. great to have you back. what is likelihood we get the decision on interest rates at top of the hour, keeping interest rates at ridiculously low levels ongoing but on question of asset purchases that bernanke and company will come out and say we plan to decrease the number and the value of our asset purchases and it will commence in sent, october, very little, right? >> yeah, lori, i still think it is too soon for the fed to do that. today's data are good both on gdp side and adp jobs number b
question, though, we should remember that we've cut defense, we've cut domestic discretionary, and we've raised revenues. >> right. >> what we haven't done is dealt with social security or medicare. so the premise of your question that one party won't raise revenues, now, they're back to saying they won't raise revenues, we've done revenues, what we haven't done is party reform. since we're both sort of political independents, you would have wanted to invite some of the far right, but they would say, listen, we've done everything, but we haven't done entitlement reform yet. >> see, but that's a great example of how this conversation gets skewed in this perspective because one of the reasons why we have medicare -- we have done, actually, we have taken a lot of money out of medicare. we have lots of reform in medicare. it's in the accountable care act, it's just not counted -- >> but it went back into a new program. >> there's deficit reduction at the end of that because we're taking money out of health care reform be, i mean, there's lower money in medicare, and we're taking money out
'm not so sure that this defense well, i told you more was going to come out. we put this behind us, is going to work because the idea that he said that more of this stuff was going to come out the assumption was that these were sort of while he was in congress. i never -- shame on me, but i never thought he might have been referring to stuff after he had allegedly gone and sort of addressed his issue and need to have the online relationships. this was less than a year ago. >> bill: huma said i've forgiven him and you should, too. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> bill: we are moving forward. she says. i've forgiven him. well, i'm glad she has and i admire her for doing so. he did have a code name here. he wasn't using -- this woman knew who he was. she says that. he knew he was a former member of congress. and she thought -- she had no problem with that. but anyhow, just so other people didn't pick up on who he was in case they saw the photos, selfies he was sending. he was using the name carlos d
, excluding aircraft and defense the number is decent, but it's not the extra impetus that you need to see in order to see a bigger peck up in business investment. right now, it looks like business investment is running in the low single digits at the end of q 2, heading into q3. it will be more difficult to achieve that high end of the forecast which is 3, 3.5% going into 2014 with business investment growing 5 to 8%. >> are the numbers today suggestive of the second quarter should be revised up a little bit? i had an average of below 1%. >> for us, according to our estimate the slowdown in consumer spending and business investments seems to have picked up actually a little bit if q2. we are seeing something around 1.2 right now. >> what about the claims number? 343, this level, what does that tell you about jobs and what we might get next friday? >> well, we had stand, our view right now, job growth will remain between 175 and 200. claims number to me suggests we are probably close to the consensus around 180 right now. >> and unemployment would be what? >> unemployment is a tougher call
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